Athena GTX® manufactures lightweight, portable, wireless medical monitoring devices designed to be used in far-forward, point of injury applications.

Emergency Departments

Ease the burden placed on hospital reception and increase your patient satisfaction survey scores. Wirelessly monitor multiple patients simultaneously and remotely using off the shelf computers and smart phones.


Get the full picture. Move beyond the basic teleconsult with robust, non-invasive cardiopulmonary data, dynamic trending and alerts. Distinguishing technology enhances simple video consults with a modular and adaptive sensing suite that allows health care providers to engage with patients anywhere in the world.


Athena GTX® offers novel, cost effective solutions to increase the experience of both patient and provider while decreasing clinician workload. Our technology spans the innovative paradigm from applications on smart phones for fire rehabilitation to mobile mass casualty incident monitoring platforms and systems.

Infectious Disease Application

Major Event Application

Mass Casualty Incident Application

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers often arrive on scene before dedicated medical personnel. When a few minutes can be the difference between life these officers need the tools to properly manage a medical emergency. Whether they travel by car, bike or foot, Athena GTX has a cost effective solution for officers with any level of medical training to handle a wide variety of events until backup arrives.