Pressure Sleeve Infusion Device. The PS1201 is a small, light weight, autonomous, electronic alternative to traditional manual pressure IV bags.

It automatically applies and maintains constant pressure during IV infusion. A “set-it and forget-it” device that frees providers’ hands. PS1201 is ideal for interosseous infusions requiring sustained higher pressures than conventional IV treatments. Highly portable and quickly deployed, PS1201 streamlines both patient and provider movement.

Tech Specs:

Size: With sleeve wrapped around case – 6” X 2.7” X 1.5” (15.25cm X 6.8cm X 3.8cm)
Open – 6” X 11.8” X 1.25” (15.25cm X 30cm X 3.2cm)
Weight: 6 oz (170 gm) with battery
Control: On/Off rocker switch activates internal circuit with pressure transducer
Indicator: LED – Green = operating, Orange = battery low
Power: One CR123 lithium battery
Battery life: 3 hours, approx.
Sleeve capacity: One 500 ml or
One Liter IV bag, Integral hanging hook for bag
Nominal Pressure: 300mmHg, manual push button vent.