Ebola. Pandemic Flu. Superbugs. The question is not if, but when. Patients and providers BOTH have special requirements during infectious disease treatment and transport. Finally there is a monitor for the entire situation.

The Wireless Vital Signs Monitor transmits patient data through isolation equipment, allowing clinicians to monitor the patient from virtually anywhere: down the hall, in a room on another floor, in another vehicle or even inside a different medical facility.

The WVSM is small, light and easily worn by a patient in isolation.

The WVSM’s small form factor means that it can also be worn by providers in HAZMAT suits. Incident commanders can monitor patients
and providers simultaneously from the same equipment.

If providers in HAZMAT suits overexert themselves incident commanders will know it immediately and will be able to take appropriate measures. If providers are handling the situation well, they can be left to complete a task rather than relieved prematurely.

A WVSM device is less than 10% of the cost of a traditional ALS monitor. This means that it can more easily be replaced if it becomes contaminated.

The Infectious disease transport kit includes everything providers need to monitor patients and clinicians during an incident.