Tactical Medicine

Designed for US Special Forces combat use, there is no better tactical monitor than the Wireless Vital Signs Monitor.

This small, light, low-profile device is easily carried by the tactical medic on the go. The monitor automatically gathers, records and transmits all patient vitals while keeping the medic’s hands free and allowing them to focus on other tasks. A patient-worn device, the WVSM enables easy patient movement via stokes litter, backboard, being carried or dragged.

The WVSM system wirelessly monitors up to 20 patients simultaneously and transmits vitals in real time to centralized monitoring points. The WVSM automatically triages all patients based on user-set parameters, facilitating quick treatment decisions under fire.


Give every officer the ability to manage a medical emergency or accident.

The Wireless Vital Signs Monitor gives officers the ability to properly assess patients no matter what level of medical training they possess. With a WVSM any officer can properly manage a medical emergency, relay patient status to a medical facility or to EMTs when they arrive on scene.

The WVSM is a completely automated patient monitoring device. The WVSM can be placed on a patient by a first responder as soon as they arrive on scene. The device will immediately begin gathering accurate vitals signs and leave the officer’s hands and mind free for other tasks. The color-coded vitals displayed by the WVSM allow for easy interpretation by responders with any level of training.

The WVSM is inexpensive, small and light. Ideally suited for individual squad car, motorcycle, bike or mounted officer use.

The WVSM is available individually, in tactical pouches and in turn-key mobile telemetry stations ready for any emergency. Contact Athena today to demo a WVSM.