Physiological Status Monitoring System

Multi-parameter physiological status monitoring

HsPro System consists of multiple portable wellness products that monitor Pulse Rate, Heart Rate, Skin Temperature, and ambient environmental conditions during recreational, physical, or training activities.

Self-Contained Physiological Status Monitoring

A self-contained wearable monitoring system with a comprehensive physiological monitoring suite and algorithms. The HsPro is a robust, arm-worn physiological status monitor for detection, prediction and anticipation of hypoxia based on a novel wearable sensing suite incorporating warning and state assessment.

With a 8-12 hour battery life the system provides wireless connectivity to evaluate workload and fatigue across many users simultaneously during deployment.

HsPro provides optimal protection of personnel via high speed miniaturized wireless monitoring and adaptive modeling. HsPro will address cognitive and physiological workload and the dynamic impact of sustained operations. The HsPro system consists of 3 devices – HsPro, EchoXT and Anteros.

Multi-parameter physiological status monitor for SpO2 and pulse rate via integrated Pulse-Ox sensors. Heart rate from electrodes and skin temperature are available with applicable Bluetooth accessories.

Vital indicators are transmitted wirelessly from the HsPro device to an HsPro viewer on a PC, Android or iOS device. Stored user data may be downloaded, converted, and saved via ADMS PC software application.

Multi-parameter physiological status monitor for heart rate and skin surface temperature.

Multi-parameter monitor for ambient temperature, humidity, air quality, altitude, and pressure.

Advanced wearable monitoring platform for elite providers and users


  • Automatically monitors Sp02, HR, RR and more
  • Remote connectivity using ADMS (Athena Device Management Suite)
  • Monitor parameters on a smartwatch
  • Armband keeps the arm unit safely in place