SurgeCase MAX

WVSM Portable Charging Station

Patient Monitoring With Oxygen and Ventilation

The WVSM SurgeCase MAX is designed for portable multi-patient monitoring.

Instantly Deployable

The SurgeCase MAX ensures that WVSMs and peripheral devices are properly charged and ready to go when you are. Temperature controlled cooling blowers ensure the case operates at a safe temperature as well as while charging in storage.

Multiple patient monitoring

A unique feature of the WVSM is its multiple patient monitoring capability. Up to 20 patients can be wirelessly connected to one care provider and monitored simultaneously on one computer or iOS device. This allows for quick and easy data acquisition and aids in triage decisions during mass casualty incidents. Multiple patients can also be monitored in treatment and care facilities in order to assess patient condition over time and for those patients with chronic disease.

The SurgeCase MAX is a completely self-contained, wireless, multi-patient telemetry system.


  • Up to four (4) WVSMs + all consumables
  • Four (4) miniCap capnography devices
  • One (1) Nidek Nano O2 concentrator
  • One (1) AutoMedx SAVe II+ ventilator
  • One (1) iPad mini (optional)