Border Patrol

Fast, reliable and accurate patient monitoring is essential in remote and dangerous locations. The WVSM is lightweight and can be carried into hazardous terrain providing vital casualty monitoring.

On a typical day, CBP welcomes nearly one million visitors, screens over 67,000 cargo containers, arrests over 1,100 individuals, and seizes nearly 6 tons of illicit drugs.


Weighing less than one pound, WVSM allows mobile monitoring and enables streamlined transport in remote locations.


ADMS (Athena Device Management Suite) software allows for up to 20 WVSM devices to be viewed on one mobile platform.


Color coded vitals and alarms enable quick and efficient triage capability for multiple patients.

Rugged and Versatile

Built to withstand tough environments. Tested to JECETS Joint Airworthiness, (MIL-STD 810g), the WVSM can provide medical monitoring capability in places that other monitors cannot.


A rechargeable lithium-ion battery gives the WVSM a life of 7 hours and up to 15 hours using a low power mode.