Tactical Evacuation

Tactical situations and hostile threats to evacuation can differ significantly from casualty to casualty. Fast, easy, and accurate casualty monitoring is of utmost importance to medical personnel.


WVSM offers a unique perspective for medics in the field-care phase onward. With automated vital signs received from up to 20 patients displayed and recorded to a mobile device, the operator has increased awareness of the physiological stability of all patients, regardless of time to transport.


During loading, WVSM can be directly attached to the patient’s BP cuff; there is no need to mount to a litter or locate a proper storage area for the device. It travels lightly and stays with the patient. As the evacuation progresses, and the patient is receiving en route care, all data can be seamlessly transitioned to any new care providers using wireless communication.


In addition to providing medical personnel data to medics in the field, the Athena Device Management Suite (ADMS) software can transmit this data to the incoming TACEVAC vehicles, MTFs, or any assigned destination device, worldwide. This also allows for any registered provider to view the incoming patient(s) during all phases of care.


WVSM weighs less than one pound, making it ideal for evacuation by air, land, or sea, where it is essential to keep bulk and weight to a minimum. Due to the small size and low weight of the system, medics have increased access to their patients.


The WVSM has been designed and made with the soldier in mind. It is has been tested through MIL-STD 810/JECETS Joint Airworthiness, Aeromedical Certification at USAARL and can live up to the demands of austere environments. One use-case scenario identified that the monitor was accidentally dropped out of a Blackhawk helicopter, at 150 feet, with no harm to the system-operation. The only damage sustained was a scratch on the display.


WVSM is available in many different packages, depending on user needs. In addition to being used as a standalone monitor in the medic’s bag, the device can be carried in custom casing such as the TacPac and Surge Case. Please call or fill out a request form to receive more information including detailed Specifications, Pricing, and Applications information.