High Angle Rescue

High angle rescue scenarios present responders with a very unique set of challenges such as accurately monitoring a patient during the rescue process.

At Your Side

Weighing in at a single pound, the WVSM is light and small enough to carry in the field and can easily fit in the side pocket of a pack or BDUs.


Tested to JECETS Joint Airworthiness, (MIL-STD 810g), the WVSM is tough, built to military specifications, and designed for use in hostile environments.


The WVSM is a patient worn device and easily fits inside a Stokes litter. The WVSM operates completely automatically keeping responders’ hands free for other tasks.


A sealed, lithium-ion battery gives the WVSM a battery life of up to 15 hours while monitoring patient vitals and 7 hours while monitoring and transmitting wireless data simultaneously.


The WVSM system gives responders the ability to monitor multiple patients up to 200 yards away from a single compatible device.


The WVSM can send vitals from the patient location to responders located in a safe location.