Tactical Medicine

The Wireless Vital Signs Monitor was developed for US military medics. It was built with such standards in mind and can be used in the world’s most austere environments.


Using wireless connectivity, WVSM can relay vitals and assist with triage of multiple patients during and after a tactical scenario.

Data Management

The WVSM will acquire vital signs and keep the operator’s hands free for other tasks. The vitals are color coded and can provide the responding medics a means to better manage their patients.

Lightweight and Rugged

Weighing in at one pound, the WVSM is light enough to carry in any situation at a fraction of the weight of other monitors. Tested to JECETS Joint Airworthiness, (MIL-STD 810g), the WVSM is tough, and can handle the most stressful scenarios.

At Your Side

WVSM’s small size means that it can easily fit in first-out bags or BDU pants. The low cost of the device makes state-of-the-art medical equipment more accessible than ever before.