Wi-Fi repeater

Extend the range of your WVSM

WiSync is an innovative mesh networking Wi-Fi repeater for linking the WVSM through relayed signals from deep inside collapsed structures to medical care providers outside. This device was taken to numerous recent FEMA training exercises to gather user feedback. It provides a unique connectivity piece that simply does not exist in the applicable market. WiSync addresses the key connectivity issue and enhances the connectivity capabilities of our products along our core competencies.

Ruggedized WVSM® Range Extender

WiSync allows medical providers to extend their connectivity range in areas where signal strength is limited or destroyed. WiSync automatically connects to and repeats WVSM data streams to care providers outside of device range. WiSyncs can be “daisy-chained” together for extended standoff scenarios or collapsed structures. WiSync’s novel design includes bright LED signal strength indicators and “find” features for use in the darkest, most remote debris fields and structural collapses. WiSyncs are network configurable, easy to carry, rechargeable devices that can create a fast network to allow multiple patients
to be monitored simultaneously.

How it works

The WiSync repeater system creates a chain of data transmission bringing patient vitals to remote care providers from places where other monitors wouldn’t dare to go.

Line-of-sight range between WiSync devices has been tested successfully up to 550 ft ± 75 ft but it is not recommended to use devices at a distance greater than 450 ft ± 75 ft to ensure complete and reliable data transmission. Note that at these greater distances, the WiSync devices may adjust bandwidth mode to only send the highest-priority data

The WiSync has 2 different Wireless Connection options: AP (Access Point), Ad-Hoc (iOS only) receiving and 2 different Wireless Connection options: AP (Access Point), Ad-Hoc (iOS only) broadcasting.

Extend your connectivity to patients autonomously


  • Quick access
  • Extended 16-20 hour battery life
  • Rechargeable and reusable
  • Water-resistant