Athena GTX is proud to design and manufacture wireless, mobile, patient-worn, multiple casualty monitors to assist in point of injury triage and treatment decisions. We serve civilian and military markets related to medical state and smart monitors for first responders. Our devices allow you to connect with patient data remotely, extending monitoring capabilities further into the field.


Our mission is to keep our customers on the forward edge of the latest health information, technologies and medical applications used to generate improved patient outcomes. Athena GTX® strives to be recognized as the premier innovator of patient monitoring, and patient information systems. We create monitoring solutions that integrate wireless technology with reliable, effective devices for both military and civilian use. We continually seek and embrace a superior level of knowledge and education through the efforts of talented personnel and strategic business partnerships allowing greater design innovation, faster product development, and superior device usability.


To bring to our customers the best and most current products to meet their needs and…
To help overcome the boundaries of Distance, Patient Data access, and Delay.
Distance: supplying innovative technology utilizing existing networks to eliminate issues with remote monitoring.
Data: provide meaningful information to care providers.
Delay: Patient information easily uploaded, organized and readily available on your enabled computer and smart phones.
We ultimately believe that our creativity, knowledge and focus will continue to motivate us to provide to the world our best efforts.


To use current technologies and our creativity to provide to medical professionals the best solutions to assist them in acquiring meaningful information and improving their patients’ quality of life easily, quickly and accurately.


Athena GTX began in 2001 in Southern California based upon design and testing experience with Fighter Pilot Life Support Systems and creating small patient monitoring devices for the U.S Navy and Special Forces. These technologies, unique to our company, successfully transitioned into the civilian markets. After moving to the Midwest in 2007, the company has continued to grow, both in personnel and product development, and currently includes five FDA cleared device systems. Our markets span from the Military Battlefield to rural Community Paramedicine. At Athena GTX, we see what others do, but we recognize that the basic form of advancement is not in the technology itself, but the ability to use that technology to improve sustainable performance and enhance patient outcomes. We enable wireless connectivity to do just that.


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