Infectious Disease

Take control. Wirelessly monitor multiple patients AND responders simultaneously with state-of-the art technology.

Fits Under Gear

The WVSM is an arm-worn monitor that fits and transmits from underneath personal protective equipment (PPE).

Long Range

Vitals are transmitted wirelessly over distances up to 200 yards.

Isolation Compatible

Wireless data transmission allows for communication through isolation equipment.

Safe Distance

Patient and responder vitals can be monitored away from the Hot Zone.

Complete Visibility

Patient vitals can be displayed along with responder vitals allowing for enhanced awareness for incident command.

Data Acquisition

WVSM quickly and continuously records patient data, saving to an embedded data management suite.


The WVSM can be cleaned and disinfected after an incident. If protocols mandate the equipment be discarded, the comparatively low cost of WVSM facilitates easy replacement.