Mass Casualty Vehicle

For vehicles equipped for multi-patient transport, the Wireless Vital Signs Monitor allows for quick and easy visibility of up to 20 patients during evacuation from an emergency scene.

Ease of Use

Whether it’s an MCI, surge-event, crowded ED or a rock concert, the WVSM system provides multi-patient monitoring, triage, and data analysis.


The WVSM is a small-patient worn monitor that quickly and automatically records essential patient vitals and transmits patient data to any PC, laptop, tablet or phone with the WVSM software.

Color-Coded Vitals

The WVSM software displays the vital signs and trending data from all patients, automatically prioritizes and triages these patients based on user-set parameters, and notifies caregivers if any patient vitals are cause for concern.

Surge Case

The WVSM fits into a Surge Case that is a highly ruggedized, and easily deployed kit. It includes 10 WVSMs, charging for all devices (including USB ports), storage, and central monitoring visibility via embedded iPad® mount.


Better triage, better outcomes. It is that simple.