Triage is an important, yet very difficult, component of any MCI response. It is important to have the right equipment when so many lives are hanging in the balance

Continuous Vitals

The Wireless Vital Signs Monitoring system has the ability monitor up to 20 patients as far away as 200 yards.

Lightweight and Agile

WVSM quickly and continuously takes, monitors, and records vital signs for each patient. This makes it ideal for high patient volumes and increased turnover scenarios.

Surge Case

The WVSM is also offered in a Surge Case that is a highly ruggedized and easily deployed kit. It includes 10 WVSMs, charging for all devices (including USB ports), storage, and central monitoring visibility via embedded iPad® mount.

Priority Levels

WVSM software color-codes and prioritizes patients based on user-set parameters. This allows providers as well as incident commanders to streamline decisions when seconds count.


The WVSM allows a single Incident Commander to wirelessly monitor an entire incident facilitating triage and incident command decisions.