Water Rescue

Proper equipment is essential to an effective and safe water rescue. The Wireless Vital Signs Monitor is easily transported and quickly deployed for accurate patient monitoring.


The WVSM is small and can easily fit inside a Stokes litter with minimal impedance to the care providers. WVSM provides critical life saving information quickly and easily.

Rugged and Versatile

Built to withstand tough environments. Tested to JECETS Joint Airworthiness, (MIL-STD 810g), the WVSM can provide medical monitoring capability in places that other monitors cannot.


A rechargeable lithium-ion battery gives the WVSM a life of 7 hours and up to 15 hours using a low power mode. Provides continuous monitoring of patient condition.


The WVSM allows a single care-provider the ability to monitor multiple patients up to 200 yards away, and anywhere in the world using ADMS software connection. All vitals are color-coded to facilitate triage.

The Wireless Vital Signs Monitor along with ADMS are perfect for monitoring patients in situations such as:

  • Swift Water Rescue
  • Flood
  • Boating Accidents
  • Water Skiing
  • Emergency Vessel Assistance
  • Medical Aid
  • Ice Rescue
  • Surface Water Rescue
  • Cold Water Rescue