Major Events

Unlike traditional medical monitoring equipment, the WVSM is well-suited to the stresses and high patient volumes placed on providers during large gatherings such as: sporting events, concerts, festivals, and marathons.

Ease of Use

The Wireless Vital Signs monitor and Surge Case provide a versatile and cost-effective way to prepare and manage medical situations at large events.


The WVSM quickly and continuously monitors and records vitals making it ideal for high patient turnover scenarios. WVSM has a 7-hour battery life that can be extended to up to 15 hours using a low-power mode.

Rapid Assessment

WVSM software color-codes and prioritizes patients based on user-set parameters allowing for a streamlined scene assessment when time is of the essence.


The WVSM allows a single Incident Commander to wirelessly monitor up to 20 patients from up to 200 yards away, facilitating improved Triage and Command decisions.

Surge Case

The Surge Case is a highly ruggedized and easily-deployable MCI kit that holds 10 WVSMs and accessories. The Surge Case also can act as the central monitoring and device charging station during a Major Event Crisis.