Multiple Patient Monitoring

A new patient monitor designed to meet your needs

The WVSM Pro® (Wireless Vital Signs Monitor) has a new, larger and touch-enabled display and Advanced Life Support capabilities.

We updated the current WVSM® medical monitor to the Professional Version (Pro). This integrates advanced connectivity, a new, larger and touch enabled display, and added sensing to produce the first ever full Advanced Life Support (ALS) variant of the original Basic Life Support (BLS) monitor while retaining the form factor, size and weight. WVSM Pro’s platform allows users to buy fully enabled ALS or tailor the monitor features they want most. It’s a smart system that knows what sensors are connected and adjusts monitoring accordingly.

How it works

During a mass casualty scenario, multiple WVSM Pro devices are deployed and utilized by trained first responders in coordination with local hospitals. As first responders assist patients, hospital systems can begin to remotely monitor triage patients from emergency rooms or trauma centers using ADMS software in order to prepare for patient arrival.

The WVSM Pro is an adult, pediatric and neonatal patient monitor to be used by trained healthcare providers. The WVSM Pro may be used in conjunction with a compatible personal computer, Android device, or iOS device running the Athena Device Management Suite (ADMS) software.

Important features of the The WVSM Pro:

  • Remote connectivity – fully compatible with Athena Device Management Suite software
  • Casualty Summary State Index (CSSI)
  • Wireless Monitoring up to 200 yards
  • Monitor multiple patients simultaneously
  • Over 12 hours of battery life!
  • Automatically records and transmits patient vitals
  • Streamline patient data from pre-hospital to recovery
  • Color-coded vitals provide the data medics need without overwhelming first responders
  • Wireless Connection capabilities include: AP (Access Point), BLE (Bluetooth), Ad-Hoc (iOS only) and Wi-Fi Direct (Android only)

An elite monitoring solution for elite providers.