Firefighter Rehab

Improve fire rehab efforts for company and crew with continuous status monitoring on-scene and during evaluation. Upon entry and exit from rehab areas, the status of the team can be assessed and analyzed for optimization of efforts.

Force Multiplication

The Wireless Vital Signs Monitor allows a single care provider to monitor and track the trends of multiple firefighters.


Transmits vital signs data from anywhere within the rehab zone.

Continuous Vitals

The WVSM quickly and continuously monitors and records vitals making it ideal for high turnover scenarios such as fire-rehab.

Triage Assistant

The WVSM software color-codes and prioritizes patients based on user-set parameters. Any vitals outside of these parameters will cause the monitors to alarm, notifying caregivers that patients may require attention.


Data can be viewed via an app (iOS®, Android® or Windows®) on most phones, tablets, PCs or laptops.