Remote Medicine

Bringing medical care and monitoring capabilities to places few have seen before.


At less that one pound, the WVSM is easily carried and deployed in remote areas. Along with Air-Worthiness certification, the device is ruggedized for harsh environments.

Global Applicability

Innovation and cost-reduction has lead WVSM to be a highly effective tool for disaster relief, as well as aiding humanitarian efforts in developing countries.

The Information You Need

WVSM and ADMS software make it easy to connect and manage patients from anywhere in the world.

Rural Applicability

With the broad scope of communication capability, Athena GTX products can transmit patient information from rural areas to larger metro hospitals and other receiving facilities with ease.


At one-tenth the cost of traditional patient monitors, the WVSM is a realistic medical monitoring option for any situation.

Individualized Care

High quality and connected care to the patient, wherever they may be.