Athena Device Management Suite

ADMS is the new standard of connectivity

With Athena Device Management Suite (ADMS) you can expect more from your connected devices. The company that started the multi-patient wireless medical device revolution is transforming the industry again.

FDA Cleared

A game changer in multi-patient connectivity

The Athena Device Management Suite (ADMS) software represents a breakthrough in multiple patients, multiple device connectivity. Compatible with commercially available off-the-shelf PC’s, smart phones, tablets, operating systems (O/S) such as Windows®, iOS (Apple®) and Android. The flexibility of the innovative ADMS software is unparalleled in today’s connected world.

Multiple devices connected simultaneously

ADMS allows multiple patients, multiple different medical devices, and wirelessly enabled physiological status monitoring devices to be connected seamlessly.

ADMS receives vital signs data from a variety of devices and monitors, accurately communicates the data with color-coded displays, and allows bidirectional control of these devices. ADMS color codes and sorts the alarm status in the standard green when normal range, yellow when low priority and red when high priority alarm.

ADMS integrates industry standard interoperability, HIPAA compliance, and encryption of critical PHI information and data. All FCC regulatory requirements are defined and established by the connected devices. An efficient HL-7 patch is available to ease Electronic Health Record compatibility.

ADMS suits the rapidly-changing market and the need for mobile and remote transmission of medical data.

ADMS Downloads

To download the app for your PC click here.
To download the app on your Android device click here.
To download the app on your iOS device click here.


  • Local and remote connectivity
  • Color-coded vital signs for enhanced situational awareness
  • Multi-device connectivity
  • Summary alarm status on all connected devices
  • Mobile smart phone adaptable