Demanding situations require an array of unique tools. Speed of access and visibility of patient status are of utmost importance requiring specialized monitoring capabilities.

All the Right Places

Small, lightweight, and extremely rugged, the WVSM can fit into tight spaces allowing for early patient assessment.


WVSM can be placed on the patient earlier than traditional monitors and stays with the patient throughout immobilization and transport.


Wireless connectivity allows WVSM to broadcast data to selected laptops, tablets or phones compatible with the WVSM software.

Safe Monitoring

Wireless capability allows an EMT to manage patients from safe distances during extrications and removes additional personnel from the often dangerously crowded immediate vicinity of the patient.

Data Management

The WVSM allows a single caregiver to wirelessly monitor multiple patients simultaneously. All patients are color-coded and prioritized based on user-set parameters facilitating triage and incident command decisions.