Better outcomes for patients battling addiction, PTSD, depression and suicide ideation

WatchDawg is a radical new creation that drastically improves outcomes for patients with addiction and depression issues utilizing a quad approach

Traditional treatments of depression and addiction tend to have high rates of relapse, lack of available treatments options and no ability to monitor patients on an outpatient basis.

We should do better – now we can. We are here to help

Our breakthrough technology and collective, though unique approaches to addiction, are now combined with a simple interface to give physicians and patients another chance at life.

Therapeutic intervention

Innovative patented pharmacological options (LDN+), which contains Low-dose Naltrexone and Cyclobenzaprine proven to safely release endorphins and eliminate the desire for drugs, reducing depression and anxiety which can lead to further emotional distress

Proprietary Non-pharmacologic options for urgent patient need to combat anxiety, sleep issues, pain and worry.

AI patient/physician input

AI-based patented technology (Power of Patients®), which translates patients’ words into physician insight to allow the caregivers to see their patient’s triggers and symptoms, thereby improving our monitoring ability on a per-patient basis.

Near Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring (Athena GTX) of pertinent patient vitals to give immediate feedback as to when a patient is in trouble. Patient data is collected with HsPro and can be viewed anywhere by a caregiver on a smart phone, tablet or PC on ADMS.

Yoga-focused intervention

Proven Yoga-focused intervention designed for the integrated App to focus on sleep, anxiety, positive outlook and energy.

Yoga-based videos/podcasts to address 99% of the patient’s needs as far as sleep, anxiety, positive outlook and narcotic desire.