Acquire baseline, on-scene, and exit vitals for the team responding to the hot-zone, as well as those patients affected by the incident. WVSM allows for complete physiological-visibility for all persons involved.


The WVSM is a lightweight patient-worn monitor that can also be worn by responders under their PPE.

Plan a Response

Vitals are transmitted wirelessly over distances up to 200 yards. Responder vitals can be monitored in near-real time outside of the Hot Zone.

Direct Resources

Patient vitals can be displayed alongside responder vitals allowing for streamlined awareness by incident commanders.

Site Safety

The WVSM quickly and automatically records and transmits patient vitals, allowing responders to stay focused on other tasks.

Decontaminate or Discard

The WVSM can be cleaned and disinfected after an incident. Or, if protocols require exposed equipment to be discarded, the relatively low cost of the WVSM facilitates replacement.