Battlefield Triage

The Wireless Vital Signs Monitor provides multi-patient, facilitated triage for far-forward medics through the echelons of treatment to definitive care.

Fast Deployment

The WVSM is a small-patient worn monitor that quickly and automatically records essential patient vitals and transmits patient data to PCs, laptops, tablets or phones compatible with the WVSM software.

Field Ready

Tested to JECETS Joint Airworthiness, (MIL-STD 810g), the WVSM is highly ruggedized, built to military specifications, and cleared for air-worthiness. A tool designed for use in hostile environments.

Lightweight — Mobile

Weighing in at a single pound, the WVSM is light enough to carry in the field. The WVSM is also very small and can easily fit in the side pocket of a pack or BDU pants.

Centralized Data

The Athena Device Management Suite (ADMS) software displays the vital signs and trending data from all patients, automatically prioritizes and triages these patients based on user-set parameters and notifies caregivers if any patient vitals are a cause for concern.


At one-tenth of the cost of traditional ALS monitors, the WVSM provides a realistic multi-patient monitoring option for any emergency.


Better triage. Better patient outcomes. It is that simple.