The Patrol Officer or State Trooper is often the first responder to an incident. He or she becomes the logical liaison to arriving on-scene EMS assets. But until those assets arrive, that officer is the primary source of medical care. Shouldn’t these officers be properly equipped to provide life-saving interventions?


The Wireless Vital Signs Monitor is a dependable, user-friendly tool that can be easily deployed by any first responder.

Data Management

The WVSM will acquire vital signs and keep the officer’s hands free for other tasks. The vitals are color coded and can provide the responding medics a means to better manage their patients.


Patient data from WVSM can be transmitted to inbound ambulances and medical direction simultaneously, anywhere in the world.

At Your Side

The small size of the WVSM and 12V charging capabilities make it easy to store in any squad car, motorcycle, or bike.


At one-tenth the cost of traditional patient monitors, the WVSM is a realistic medical monitoring option for any department.