Supply Chain Disruption and Impacts

October 11, 2021
Mark I. Darrah, Ph.D.

Due to continuing global demands for electronics, Athena GTX is facing unanticipated and overly burdensome supply chain issues for the critical electronic components needed to produce and deliver our Wireless Vital Signs Monitor (WVSM®) and other product lines. In some cases, parts brokers have been purchasing huge quantities and reselling them at 10x to 20x the usual cost or we are being quoted 12 month delivery lead times. To protect our customers and funding sources we have been forced, as have many other manufacturers, to pass a small percentage of these costs onto our products. Our team is working daily to find acceptable solutions and to continue to do our absolute best to meet delivery needs. Although we truly hope this is short term, and that these supply issues will eventually resolve, we appreciate your continued interest in purchasing our products and for your support during these critical times.


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