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Autonomous Critical Care (ACCS)- Future Telemedicine

The ultimate in telemedicine is coming! The Athena GTX Autonomous Critical Care System (ACCS) and the Integrated Combat Casualty Care System (ICCCS™) are funded by the Office of Naval Research (ONR). The platforms are self-contained, under-litter, medical care systems with emerging closed loop and remote control of therapy via secured bidirectional high speed telemedicine communications.

Athena GTX continues to work with multi-service users, including the Marines, who have picked up ACCS for RIMPAC in the summer of 2016. The end goal is to address most common battlefield casualty applications as they dynamically change while in transport via RPV’s or manned and to also allow devices to be removed or upgraded without changing the data file and trending history presented.

ACCS includes computerized advanced technologies for wireless telemedicine, near real-time monitoring, ventilation technologies and sustained oxygen supply/ generation, multiple channels of controllable critical care IV/IO fluids and blood products, TCCC/PHTLS drugs, patient and fluid warming, embedded with three dimensions of Decision Support (DS).  The Athena efforts include advanced non-invasive cardiovascular monitoring, wireless ECG, stroke volume, cardiac output, total body water, hemoglobin, differential pulse integrity, capnography, and cardiac power including trending of all vital signs simultaneously. Custom patient state indices that are FDA-cleared by Athena include the Murphy Factor®  and a novel fluid control algorithm to provide burn therapy. Efforts continue on multi-limb automatic tourniquet control (iTKs) to provide unparalleled autonomous care capability. Advanced dried plasma therapy is currently being introduced. The system can command and control patient care for up to six hours unmanned, which can be expanded to 72 hours and beyond. The systems can be configured as a standalone or multi patient systems. Software automatically recognizes the peripheral devices linked and autonomously configures the display of the data streams to remote care providers via tablet and ANDROID.  Contact Athena GTX for more information.




Autonomous Critical Care (ACCS)- Future Telemedicine