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National Tactical Officer Conference – Why Are You Here?


A few weeks ago , Athena GTX exhibited at the National Tactical Officer Association (NTOA) conference in Louisville, KY.  Since Athena is a company specializing in medical monitoring, and this is a conference for SWAT and Special Response Teams, our personnel was repeatedly asked, “Why are you here?”

As many of our readers may know, Athena GTX also exhibited at the Special Operations Medical Association Scientific Assembly (SOMA)  in May, 2016. Since several civilian police and SWAT team members visited the booth it became clear to us that our product market is changing. This led to our attendance at the Tactical Officer Conference.

Active shooter situations and mass casualties such as Orlando and San Bernardino are becoming more commonplace. In these events, victims that received medical interventions sooner were more likely to survive the attack. These interventions included the ability to do more immediate triage, stopping the bleeding, and continuous medical monitoring. As joint task force teams are being created with police and EMS, medics are entering these active shooter situations earlier. Traditional EMS monitoring equipment is not designed for and thus is not up to the demands of these scenarios. However, what Athena provides is perfect!

The WVSM was designed specifically for active combat scenarios. Small in size, light in weight, easily carried, and patient worn, the WVSM moves with the medic and the patient. In addition, the WVSM wirelessly transmits patient data to a safe location outside of the danger zone up to 600 feet away, enabling monitoring of up to 20 patients simultaneously and automatically triages all patients based on user-set parameters. This ability allows the medic to keep their hands and mind free to engage in other tasks.

We understand most Tactical Officer conference attendees had never heard of us. Upon understanding the capability of our equipment, most officers became engaged and agreed we were indeed in the right place.

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National Tactical Officer Conference – Why Are You Here?